Right in his drunkard state, 24-year-old Yankho Seelya encountered Jesus Christ and received him as his Lord and Savior. The morning of 23rd October, 2023 was an unforgettable day for Yankho who came to the full knowledge of Christ’s love through the preaching of the gospel in Tsabango zone during the Lilongwe Adziwe Yesu mission.

The loss of his Father had been one of the major causes of why he ended up in such risky behavior. When he lost his father during his teenage years, his mother eventually remarried, and before he could process such change, Yankho started living with his stepfather. The first days were good, but things started to slowly change to his disadvantage. His stepfather began to portray signs of abuse by throwing insults that affected him emotionally. This made him to start thinking of finding another family. In a bid to feel a sense of belonging, he then joined a group of youths that led him to excessive drinking. This was like quenching fire with fuel because it only worsened his situation. His stepfather eventually chased him out of the house, and he has been squatting in a shack for four years now.

While a missioner shared the gospel with him, the most interesting thing was that he portrayed knowledge of the Word, but to him, these were just stories from a book. He kept on narrating Paul’s conversion story as he encountered Christ on his way to Damascus. “I am sure today is my day, although I am in a drunken state, I am honestly afraid. In the past few days, I have been dreaming about heaven. In the dreams, I saw the sky open and then, a sharp voice came out of it, the voice said that I should repent but I ignored it. I would simply wake up and sleep again. To my surprise, I have been dreaming of the same thing, I have been troubled but I have been ignoring it. Now you are telling me the same message, I cannot ignore the call anymore.  I need Christ and I am ready to dedicate my life to him”, he humbly surrendered. After he prayed with the missioner and received Christ, he took the missioner to his home and showed him where he stayed.

On their way back, he called his friends who were playing pool to come and hear about the message of the Christ that he received. In the beginning, his friends ridiculed him, citing his drunkenness. They later believed and gave their lives to Christ as well. Yankho expressed his conviction that as he grows his relationship with God, his life will change for the better.

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